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This is possibly the most important step to creating memorable content. We try to listen to you, our clients, as much as we can so that we fully understand what message you want to get across. We want you to be as happy as possible, as fast as possible. This is why listening to what you want is so crucial, it avoids misunderstandings and gets us straight to the product that you are looking for.

After listening to what you want, we then go away and work out what we believe you need in terms of video content. We conceptualise every little detail and come up with a great concept and plan to portray your story in the best way possible. We then run this plan by you to make 100% sure we are on the same page and to see if you have any ideas you want to add.

Following the plan we have all agreed on, we then capture the video content that will be used to create your perfect video.


Lights, Camera, Action  

This is when the fun really begins as we start to piece together your video. We would produce a first draft that we would send to you to watch. This is your time to write down any notes you may have and send back to us. This will help us to fine tune you perfect video. Once you are happy with everything, the final copy of the video is delivered to you via a Wetransfer link.

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